My Texas husband lured me to Texas from Germany. I fell in love with the Lone Star State, its people (well, that obviously happened first) and its beauty.

I couldn’t convince him to move back to Germany with me. In case you didn’t know: Texans LOVE their state and are hard to be replanted somewhere else.

So I decided to use my experience of moving 22 times in the first 37 years of my life and became a Texas real estate agent. At one point, my mom offered to buy me one of those trailers circus people live in so we wouldn’t have to carry furniture up and down stairs all the time. This is a career where I can help native and non-native Texans find and make their home in this beautiful state. And if they want to leave, as sad as it is, I will help them find a new happy owner for their home.

And since my first career in Germany was as a journalist, and I don’t want to give up writing, I thought I’d start a blog with stories about home – interesting, funny, sad, and eye opening stories. And by home, I mean house, apartment or the place where you live as well as the village, city, state, continent where one grew up or the new home that someone made somewhere else. After all, home is where your heart is and there is a lot to say and write about.

The stories are personal experiences. Therefore, they are subjective and maybe a little biased – have fun reading!


PS: A big thank you to me friend Stefan in Germany and his podcast http://homestorys.podcaster.de for inspiring me to start this blog. If you speak German, you may enjoy this: http://homestorys.podcaster.de/?homestorys=hs001-hausbau-in-austin-sabine; http://homestorys.podcaster.de/homestorys/hs029-akkurate-rasenkanten-in-austin-sabine/