Happy Independence Day

We now have an American flag! My husband bought it last year – together with a flag pole – at the cowboy Christmas fair in Las Vegas. And yes, we flew it home. I was surprised at this purchase. Especially since being from Germany where at least until the Soccer World Cup in 2006 people wouldn’t really display the flag. But I love it! I love the American patriotism and the fact that people are proud of their country. So it made me happy when we finally attached our flag pole to the house and put up our flag. I love it!


And it gave me the chance to take another look at the flag code. Visiting a friend in Washington State a few years ago who has a flag pole beside her house (one of those cool ones that you can turn into a Christmas tree out of lights during the Christmas season), I learned that you can not leave the flag out in the rain. And that you can only leave it out at night if it is illuminated. I had no idea. And I had no idea that there was a flag code, covering things like time, occasions, manner and position of the display and so much more. It is interesting. Have a look if you like: http://www.usflagorg/uscode36.html


I have been in this country for 6 years and there are still so many things to learn about it. Enjoy the freedom! Happy Independence Day!

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